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Server installation

Provide a platform for issuing and managing public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates. On top of securing application and HTTP traffic the certificates that Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) to be used for authentication of computers, laptops, users, or device accounts on our network.

Set up a single AD CS server on the domain and configure group policy to auto enroll servers

Deploy subordinate CA’s and shut down root CA for security on our enterprise environment 

Create credentials for the first 100 users on the server and join the computers to the domain

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Server configuration
  1. Active Directory and its components

  2. Domain controllers

  3. Grouping of domain controllers

  4. Objects

  5. Replication and High Availability

  6. Global Catalogue servers

  7. Flexible single-master operations

  8. Functional levels

  9. Active Directory and its networking services – DNS

  10. Active Directory in the networking infrastructure 

  11. Best practice s towards deploying Active Directory

  12. Managing Active Directory Sites, Subnets, and Replication

  13. Managing Trusts and Authentication

  14. Maintaining and Recovering Active Directory

  15. ADManager Plus

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